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District 7 Residents & Friends:

In today’s issue I would like to personally acknowledge some of the accomplishments of our youth programs during the month of December. Our children, the leaders of the future, are definitely leaving an indelible mark on our communities!

Your Commissioner,

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Youth Leadership Academy for Girls (YLAG) and Boys (YLAB)

Fulton County Youth and Children Services sponsors curriculum-based social and dining etiquette courses for boys and girls 3rd-7th grade to foster leadership skills and self efficacy.

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Priceless University

Etiquette Culminating Ceremony
On December 13, 2012 Priceless University held its “I Am Priceless” Culmination Ceremony at Spelman College hosted by Mrs. Rhonda Hudson Executive Director of the Treasure Box School of Etiquette. Four Priceless students served as guest speakers and conducted a presentation on what it means to be PRICELESS. The atmosphere was supportive and enriching as each young lady demonstrated leadership and were able to display what they learned from etiquette class sessions.  Ages 13-18.