The Treasure Box provides premiere business and social protocol training with attention to impression management and public speaking for today's 21st Century Learners.
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Kindergarten – 5th Grades

Youth Service Menu: All courses can be customized to create your own special learning environment for your organization.

Dining and Social Etiquette Course:- A one hour hands-on experience for both girls and boys that will focus on Napkin Usage, Navigating the Place Setting, Effective Dining Communication, and Silent Service Code. Food and beverage is not included. Call for rates (Private and Groups)

Tea Etiquette Program: -A two hour session includes tea, sandwiches and dessert along with goody bags. Call for rates. (Private and Groups)

Debutante Training:  Sessions are customized for your organization for social and dining etiquette. Call for details and rates.

Our Premiere Course:
Back to Basics/Manners (Boys & Girls Ages 6–10) A ninety minute course in dining and social etiquette that will focus on the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you! The course is designed to increase self-confidence and self-awareness in making first impressions while learning the Ten Commandments of Manners! Students will discover how to get along with others, make introductions and greetings. Participants will learn to navigate the place setting and how to properly use napkins. Workbook and Certificate included. Please call for group rates and information.