The Treasure Box provides premiere business and social protocol training with attention to impression management and public speaking for today's 21st Century Learners.
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College Students and Emerging Leaders

College Students and Emerging Leaders Service Menu: All courses can be customized to create your own special learning environment for your organization.

The Power of Public Speaking– A two hour communication skills session with hands-on practice with impromptu speaking and “What is your Compass Style?” activity to empower participants to find their true voice.

First Impressions – A one two hour session includes Social Etiquette, Business and Dining Etiquette  Call for rates.

Job Readiness /Resume Writing/Interviewing Skills One two hour session includes Business Etiquette. Call for details and rates.

Professional Image Consulting/ Extreme Make-Overs- Call for rates

Social Teas and Events– Contact for rates

Keynote Speaking Engagements (executive director) for Business/Social events -Contact for details and rates.

Our Premiere Course:
Power Lunch- Dining Etiquette
A two hour workshop to develop various contemporary dining etiquette practices for emerging business leaders to increase confidence and leadership skills through practical applications and hands-on dining training. The course will offer dining essentials:

Host & Guest Duties
Napkin Usage
Navigating the place setting
Silverware Savvy
Defining Finger Foods
To Drink or Not to Drink
Styles of Dining: American and Continental
The Silent Service Codes
Effective Dining Communication
Proper Tipping Etiquette

Group rates are available. Workbook and Certificate included. Call for details

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