The Treasure Box provides premiere business and social protocol training with attention to impression management and public speaking for today's 21st Century Learners.
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 Private and Corporate Service Menu: All courses can be customized to create your own special learning environment for your organization.

Staff Development Training– Include Compass Style Activities, Public Speaking, Time Management, and Team Building Sessions. Contact for rates.

Professional Image Consulting/Extreme Make-Over– Contact for rates.

The Power of Public Speaking– A two hour communication skills session with hands-on practice with impromptu speaking and “What is your Compass Style?” activity to empower participants to find their true voice. Call for Rates.

Power Lunch Dining Etiquette -A two hour session including Napkins Savvy, Navigating the Place Setting, Silent Service Codes, To Drink or Not to Drink, and Tipping Etiquette to empower participant to navigate their best during the power luncheon with clients or colleagues. Workbook and Certificate Included. Call for rates.

Keynote Speaker for Social Teas and  Business Events– Contact For Rates

Our Premiere Courses:

Business Executive-Boot Camp (Executives / Non-Executives)

A two hour course to increase leadership skills in the workplace through practical application and hands-on training. Course will offer techniques on greetings and introductions, wardrobes in the workplace, communicating without words, and how to navigate through the power luncheon. Participants will learn strategies to outclass the competitor! The workshop will include both Business Essentials for Leaders and The Power Lunch, Dining Etiquette!  Workbook and Certificate included. Call for rates.

Singles Upgrade!! Dating Etiquette Uncensored (Single Adults Only)

A ninety minute course designed to provide Atlanta’s singles with the new and upgraded tools to navigate on the first date, blind date, or simply increase self–confidence and self-assurance when meeting new  Workbook and Certificate included. Call for rates.

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