Business Course Offering:

All courses can be customized to create your own special learning environment for your organization.

Diversity and Inclusion Training:Four (4) part course to include two (2) hour session workshops to develop a culturally responsive climate in the workplace which fosters diversity, equity and inclusion to strengthen a collaborative and respectful culture and mitigate workplace harassment and employee disengagement.

Our Premiere Course: Power Lunch- Dining Etiquette A (2) two-hour workshop to develop various contemporary dining etiquette practices for emerging business leaders to increase confidence and leadership skills through practical applications and hands-on dining training. The course will offer dining essentials: Host & Guest Duties, Napkin Usage Navigating the place setting, Defining Finger Foods, and Proper Tipping Etiquette in the 21st Century.  Please call for rates.

Public Speaking 101: A (2) two-hour communication strategies workshop with hands-on practice on how to overcome the fear of public speaking, how to use humor and hand gestures effectively. Find your true authentic voice and pitch your next idea or product with confidence! Please call for rates.

Business Executive-Boot Camp (Executives / Non-Executives): A two-hour course to increase leadership skills in the workplace through practical application and hands-on training. The course will offer techniques on greetings and introductions, wardrobes in the workplace, communicating without words, and how to navigate through the power luncheon. Participants will learn strategies to outclass the competitor! The workshop will include both Business Essentials for Leaders and The Power Lunch, Dining Etiquette! Workbook and Certificate included. Please call for rates.

Singles Upgrade!! Dating Etiquette Uncensored (Single Adults Only): A (90) ninety-minute course designed to provide Atlanta’s singles with the new and upgraded tools to navigate on the first date, blind date, or simply increase self–confidence and self-assurance when meeting new Workbook and Certificate included.  Please call for rates.

Youth Course Offering:

All courses can be customized to create your own special learning environment for your organization.

1st – 5th Grades

Dining and Social Etiquette Course: A one (1) hour hands-on experience for both girls and boys that will focus on Napkin Usage, Navigating the Place Setting, Effective Dining Communication, and Silent Service Code. Food and beverage is not included. Call for rates (Private and Groups)

Our Premiere Course: Back to the Basics/Manners (Boys & Girls Ages 6–10): A ninety minute course in dining and social etiquette that will focus on the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you! The course is designed to increase self-confidence and self-awareness in making first impressions while learning the Ten Commandments of Manners! Students will discover how to get along with others, make introductions and greetings. Participants will learn to navigate the place setting and how to properly use napkins. Workbook and Certificate included. Please call for group rates and information.

6th Grade – 12th Grades

The Power of Yet: A small Word with HUGE possibilities: A (1) one-hour workshop for teens/tweens with hands-on life skills activities and critical thinking in Growth Mindset for participants to set SMART goals and develop strategies and interventions to promote resilience and grit in school, at home, and in life! Please call for rates.

What’s in an App? (Creating your brand for college the Applications)- A (1) one-hour course for teens with hand-on activities and resources to complete a successful college application, including tips and outline for the “Essay” with virtual resources to complete college searches. Help your teen succeed and get into top colleges! Please call for rates.

This is How We Do It! Program: Four *(1) hour sessions per child, group rates are available. (Groups and Schools call for rates)

  • Class 1 – R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • Class II – Dress the Part
  • Class III– Dining 101
  • Class IV – Can YOU Hear Me Now?

Communication Strategies Note: All classes in the “This is How We Do It!” Program may be taken separately. Call for group rates.

Our Premiere Course: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T Yourself”, from the “This Is How We Do It!” tweens/teens program series. (GIRLS ONLY Course) and (GENTLEMEN ONLY Course) Ages- 11-16: A two hour course to empower young ladies and men to overcome peer pressure, maintain a positive self- image and communicate effectively through application and hands-on training. The course will offer guidelines for success strategies and characteristics of a leader, proper attire and the quality or state of being esteemed (valued)! Workbook and Certificate included.